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Vital C Serum

Vital C Serum

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Nourish your skin with our 100% organic Vitamin C Serum. Our third party tested Vitamin C is sourced from the Allergy Research Group, ensuring quality standards and effectiveness. Plus, our serum contains purely extracted oils such as Jojoba and Goji Berry Seed Oil for an additional brightening effect. Our full Ingredient list includes...

Ingredient List: Vitamin C Powder, Jojoba Oil*, Goji Berry Seed Oil*, Aloe Vera Gel*, Orange Essential Oil*. *Denotes Organic Ingredient.

Hydrate, replenish, and brighten with our quality Vital C Serum.

Rea Organics is committed to our ingredient quality and standards. If you have any questions about our resources or company, feel free to check out our About Us page or email

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