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Vital C Collection

Vital C Collection

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Introducing the Vital C collection! Featuring our Vital C Serum, Vitamin C Spray, and Vitamin C infused Sunscreen Stick! Bundle + Save!

Nourish your skin with our 100% organic Vitamin C Serum. Our third party tested Vitamin C is sourced from the Allergy Research Group, ensuring quality standards and effectiveness. Plus, our serum contains purely extracted oils such as Jojoba and Goji Berry Seed Oil for an additional brightening effect. Our full Ingredient list includes...

Ingredient List: Vitamin C Powder, Jojoba Oil*, Goji Berry Seed Oil*, Aloe Vera Gel*, Orange Essential Oil*. *Denotes Organic Ingredient.

Hydrate, replenish, and brighten with our quality Vital C Serum.

This Vital C Sunscreen stick contains non-toxic non nano zinc oxide for sun protection and skin rehabilitation. Whether you are going out in the sun, or just completing your daily skincare routine, our sunscreen provides nourishing- on the go coverage.

Full Ingredient List:

Vitamin C Powder, Avocado Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Orange Essential Oil*, Non-nano Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot Powder*. *Denotes Organic Ingredient.

To Use: Simply apply on face by using the rubbing stick. Our packaging is non-plastic and made with eco friendly materials. Due to the natural components of this product, please keep the bottle out of direct sunlight to avoid in melting. If melting occurs, stick in the refrigerator for 10 minutes!

Our Vitamin C spray is protecting + nourishing for your skin. Great for if your skin needs a little pick me up! About to head to a pool with chlorine? Spray our Vitamin C Spray before and after chlorine exposure. Vitamin C helps to neutralize chlorine by turning it into a less toxic by-product the body can more easily process and clear. Our pure Vitamin C is sourced from the Allergy Research Group for proven effectiveness and quality standards.

Full Ingredient List: Pure Vitamin C Powder, Jojoba Oil*, Orange Essential Oil*, Filtered Water**, *Denotes Organic Item. **Our water is throughly filtered to remove any/all toxins and has been checked by research.

To Use: Simply spray all over your body and rub around if needed. 

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