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Tanning Oil

Tanning Oil

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Time to get a gorgeous golden glow quicker and easier.  Our tanning oil enhances the activity of the UV rays from the sun, meaning your skin creates melanin quicker (the natural tan pigment), resulting in a more rapid tan development.

What to expect from our tanning oil:

  • It helps to speed up the natural tanning process so a tan develops faster.
  • It moisturizes your skin and helps to prevent peeling.
  • It encourages deeper tan development with a darker hue.
  • It improves the surface of your skin, allowing for a more ‘even’ tan.
  • It makes your skin smell gorgeous (which is a bonus when you’re sunbathing!)

Our Pure Ingredients:

Olive Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sandalwood Essential Oil*, Vanilla Essential Oil*. *Denotes Organic Ingredient.

To Use: Simply grab the dropper bottle and apply onto your body. Rub in evenly along skin.

Quick little safety talk- Tanning oil is not a substitute for SPF (sun protection). A tanning oil does not protect your skin from the sun or sunburn whatsoever. What it does do, is enhance the natural tanning process while helping your skin stay hydrated and conditioned. 

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