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Body Spray

Body Spray

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Body spray isn’t designed to be overpowering or heavy. Instead, it’s a lighter, fresher, subtler scent that you can spray all over your body. It's perfect for giving a boost of energy right when you need it. Spray this body mist on at any time of the day or night when you want to feel refreshed and energized. 


Lavender Vanilla Body Spray: Witch Hazel* , Castor Oil* , Lavender Essential Oil* , Vanilla Essential Oil. *Denotes Organic Ingredient.

Jasmine Body Spray: Witch Hazel* , Castor Oil* , Jasmine Essential Oil* , Sandalwood Essential Oil . *Denotes Organic Ingredient.

Jade Cardamon Body Spray: Witch Hazel* , Castor Oil* , Cardamon Essential Oil* , Jade Lemon Essential Oil* . *Denotes Organic Ingredient.

Rea Organics sources from a small family farm in North Carolina that is committed to providing pure products. Rea Organics will NEVER use any harmful fragrance, I use pure essential oils that have been third party tested for safety and organic when possible.

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