Our Promise

All Rea Organics quality skincare products are formulated with certified pure, organic ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging.

Ingredient Transparency. All products includes specifically detailed ingredient lists. Please contact Rea Organics if you are interested in additional supplier information. We are happy to provide.

No artificial anything. Ever. Genetically modified ingredients are NEVER included in any of our products.

Safety Measures

Rea organics understands the serious harm using toxic cookware can cause. Our safe standards include..

Using non-toxic cookware that is certified PFA/PFE free

Pure Stainless Steel Appliances and utensils

Eco friendly packaging is always used

Ingredient Quality

Rea Organics mission is to bring you the most pure, natural products on the planet. Our skincare, home products and essential oils are organic, sustainably sourced and 100% pure.

Rea Organics sources from a small family farm in North Carolina that is committed to the quality of its organic ingredients. This commitment will never be compromised.

Meet the Owner

Hi! My name is Reagan Puckett and I am the owner and founder of Rea Organics. One of the reasons I started this company is because I believe that everyone has the right to be informed about what they are putting on their skin. No greenwashing, no scams, just pure ingredient transparency. After always being so dissatisfied with products on the shelfs, I began to lose hope that I would ever find a brand that meets my standards. Then, I thought "What if I just create my own?"

I am a holistic wellness specialist and am currently in school working to further my knowledge by attaining my Integrative Health practitioner license.

My favorite product is definitely the Body Butter!

  • Cynthia S.

    So excited to actually be able to use perfume again without the harmful fragrance! The Manifest scent is my favorite.

  • Patricia M.

    Bought the deodorant for my son and he said it was the first natural deodorant that has worked for him!

  • Mary H.

    The dry shampoo works wonders for my hair and smells great too. I was skeptical at first but this is now the only dry shampoo I will buy!